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Today’s design pet peeves :)

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1. iOS7 Notifications Center

* A common use case for pulling down the notification center is to view the current temperature. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes all you see is a description of current conditions. The inconsistency is an easy way to make users not return when they want that information. Limiting the info to visible conditions doesn’t make much sense… I can tell if it’s foggy by looking outside – my remote outdoor thermostat is a little less accurate :)

* The “All” tab is repeatedly re-selected by default. Notifications are time-sensitive tidbits of information; the most contextually relevant set likely falls under “Today.” Either way, this is a panel for quick reference – for that reason it is key to save the last selection – regardless of whether a new notification comes in. This choice will at worst give the user the last app state (which is forgivable), and at best give them exactly what they want to see, every time.

2. Facebook’s updated messenger app has an intro screen that includes obscure copy essentially saying “give us access to your contacts.” As if the message wasn’t indirect enough, there is a trying-to-be-subtle blue carat beneath the “OK” option, to encourage users to quickly agree. I get it – sometimes you want users to share data so that you can provide a better experience. Whatever the case or your agenda, when it comes to privacy and services accessing personal information (like your contacts), it is irresponsible for an app to be anything but simple and crystal clear.



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