The rotten (side of) Apple

By April 3, 2011 No Comments

Apple’s market share is growing and customers are no longer one concentrated fanatical group. As much as I love Apple most of the time, now I’m just annoyed.

Two hard drives have died in my Macbook Pro these last 6 months. I guess it’s a coincidence… according to Apple diagnostic tests. It could be. But my AppleCare is almost running out, so this better not happen again soon. 

And then… Having re-imaged my new hard drive from my last backup, I decided to sync it with my iPhone (which had newer things in it). And doing this, I lost all my new music except the things I downloaded from the iTunes store!
So I call Apple support.
I can assure you, no prompt that came up in iTunes while syncing warned me that any new music not downloaded from the iTunes store would be deleted. They say “sorry” and “have a nice day.” 

It’s a terrible decision on behalf of Apple. It’s an iTunes monopoly – for customers who own multiple Apple products! Ridiculous!

It’s also a careless way of handling user concerns over lost rights to their purchased media. 


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