About TeachHer

I was honored to be called to support the TeachHer UNESCO initiative, aimed at fostering STEAM education for women and girls by connecting teachers with experts and resources across a wide range of fields. In 2016, I attended the kick-off at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, and was lucky to meet some of the girls that were starting in this program. Learn more about the driving factors behind this amazing initiative here.

A Design Kit for Teachers

As a technology company with a focus on design, our team was asked by UNESCO to help describe and teach design processes and design thinking. We designed a workbook to teach students the design process, from user research to prototyping, testing and refinement. We set out to make design reachable and remove the ambiguity that often comes with such a broad field, by sharing what design is and who designers are. This kit was crafted to be easily applicable across age ranges, with varied resources. If you’re curious to try it, check out the kit below!

Get the Kit

Stories Through Video

As continued support for the program, I also helped produce and film a video to help inspire young girls by telling our own stories in STEAM, creating an artifact that could be shared not only with teachers but with students anywhere. Watch the video here or by clicking the image below.