UX Lead


Product vision
UX (flows, content) of all features
Interaction design
Motion design
UX Research


I worked closely with a Visual Design partner as well as the product and firmware teams to design the experience of the Alta line. My role included overall UX, interaction design, motion design, and collaborating with cross-functional teams (from R&D to packaging). Alta was the first Fitbit to support notifications and reminders to move, and has sold over 1 million units just in the first few weeks after launch.

The new "Move" alerts bring something new. Fitbit's software is still one of our favorites, and has the largest social base as well.


The new Fitbit Alta is a sleeker, more stylish fitness band than the company has attempted before, and with its launch, the wearables market leader has hit the sweet spot.


With time, traditional fitness stats, caller ID and even calendar notifications all on the small black and white OLED display, it’s the most informative Fitbit display yet.