I love cake shows

By April 2, 2011 No Comments

I think it has something to do with creating and building something. Something that requires understanding the client’s taste, but that is also made with material that is hard to work with, that has to look incredible, taste great and not fall to pieces. I find it fascinating. 

It’s not a coincidence that this is similar to what I chose to study (although the medium is somewhat different). I can also watch animal rescue shows for hours. But that is for an entirely different reason. 

The point is that although there’s a lot of things I’m interested in, I’ve been simultaneously leaning into many different directions. Getting back into cold, work-only mode is not in keeping with me, but! going deeper into a few things might just work. 

So I guess my posts will be a little scattered in topic :) But it only makes sense. I’m not just into technology. 

Here’s a really cool book I’ve been reading though, and if you like design (in any form) I really recommend it. It’s called Universal Principles of Design, and you can find the latest edition here.


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