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Erika Hall: Demystifying the Concept of Design – The Accelerators – WSJ

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Erika Hall: Demystifying the Concept of Design – The Accelerators – WSJ:

I had the luck of meeting Erika at a brunch this past Sunday. She’s brilliantly driving and shaping the way UX research can be effectively approached and executed in the startup pace of development.

Loved this article. 

“…Design is merely the set of decisions you either make or set aside when you create your product. You cannot not design. Good design will contribute to your product being understandable, credible and valuable. “Bad” design leads to the opposite and often results from not making conscious decisions or of leaving those decisions up to people who did not have the necessary skills. However, no amount of polish or prettification can save an application without clear value to the user. And more design or more obvious design isn’t necessarily better design.

The first and perhaps only inviolable rule of design is that everything flows from the goal. Design without a goal isn’t even art. It’s just nonsensical self-indulgence. If you don’t have a clear goal, you can’t design because you will lack a rubric against which to evaluate potential decisions. Your goal at any particular time should determine your design priorities…

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