I’m an experienced Designer working across platforms to build meaningful, elegant solutions for millions of users.

Hi there! I’m a Senior Product Designer who loves to create experiences across mobile, web and wearables. I focus on creating simple, insight-driven solutions and get excited about complex challenges where design can deliver elegant, meaningful experiences.

I’m currently a Design Lead at Carbon Five in New York City. I’m also a co-founder at Plume Design – a mobile UX Design studio. I was a Senior Product Designer at Fitbit in San Francisco, where I designed wearable experiences across 4 products, helping millions of people lead happier, healthier lives. I was a Bridge design fellow at Designer Fund, and later continued to support their growing design community as a member of the Bridge Guild. Prior to joining Fitbit I focused on mobile design at Shazam, and worked on many parts of the company’s product – connecting 500M people to the music and TV they love. As a past Software Engineer at Intel, I’m skilled at understanding technical dependencies and development strategy, and collaborating closely with developers to build long-term platforms. Working at Intel Labs, I also drove research, design and prototyping for future mobile and wearables experiences. For more of the details, check out my resume below.

A little bit more about me… I was born in Uruguay and partially raised in south Florida. I have a soft spot for skirt steak, electro-tango and sunny warm weather. When I’m not designing, you can find me taking photos, doing yoga or trying my hand at lettering.


What It Means to Me

Design is a language. Decisions are made with or without it, but articulating a vision with its rich vocabulary can effect change for good. Can shape behavior. Can spark new ideas and better ways of doing things. Design is the convergence of function and meaning.


Design & Art

I believe all designers are artists, unless they have nothing to say through their work. We bring assumptions, tastes and desires into what we do. A designer with an artistic stance can recognize this. They choose projects that resonate with their goals, acknowledge their stance along with requirements, and design while consciously managing their personal expectations with those of the work. This makes the outcome intentional, effective, and shaped by their style and voice.


Why I Do It

I love the process of building creatively through empathy, innovation and teamwork. I do it because I want to make the world a better place, reframe assumptions and create value through products and services that help us do what we do better, do new things we couldn’t before, think in new ways, or connect with ourselves and others in meaningful ways.